Task 3.1: The University of Stuttgart currently designs a hybrid simulation-hardware-based testbed, which will be used to test selected algorithms discussed in CALLIA project. The goal is to investigate the operational features as well as stability of solutions developed in the project, that should be in the further step implemented into the real power system in the scope of the field test. The testbed is based on the Hardware-in-the-Loop concept and allows to integrate interaction of real hardware components within a numerical simulation.

The hybrid simulation will offer a possibility to join the parts of the project, where the hardware solutions will be developed separately, before the implementation in the real system. Hardware components are provided by the responsible project partners for tests with the hybrid simulation environment. The investigated scenarios are defined taking into account the feasibility and technical limitations of the simulation infrastructure. The obtained results should be considered as a background for preparing specifications of the field tests and should allow identifying the possible risks.

T 3.2, T3.3 & T3.4: not yet started according to schedule