Short abstract of the project

In order to achieve Europes energy targets, the enablement of grid-secure integration of RES at all voltage levels is one of the major challenges. Curtailment need to be limited while respecting the grids transfer capacity and limiting grid reinforcement investments.
In the Callia project, we will combine the learnings from multiple regional demonstration and Ramp;D projects to develop and pilot a grid operational management approach, based on local DSO area balancing and implementation of agent-based RES components, combined with improved DSO-TSO coordination supplemented with (cross-border) inter-DSO power exchanges. The latter will reduce the strain on the TSO-DSO connection points, but above all limits losses by enabling the balancing of local production and consumption in adjacent regions without the need of crossing all voltage levels in an up-horizontal-down trajectory. The project results will be validated both in co-simulations
and a pilot of the RES-DSO-TSO interfaces.